Young Learners

Children aged 6-12 years old

Young learner courses are designed to be motivating through activities that develop the skills students need to communicate with the confidence and efficiency that lead to successful learning.

"Rainbow Owls" Where it all starts...

Children aged 3-5 years old with Cambridge "Greenman" official Methodology.

Our experience shows that students who start earlier with English get better results in the short term. As native teachers we have seen that children who have continued their language training, normalize and internalize plurilingualism with authentic pronunciation and a correct use of structures.

Rainbow Groups for effective teaching

Each Cambridge level is divided into three groups A, B, and C, so we can adapt more specifically and inclusively to all our students ‘needs.

Group A: Exam Preparation
Group B: Consolidation
Group C: Introduction


In the Starters level, your child can


In the Movers level, your child can


In the Flyers level, your child can

We are an Official Exam Preparation Centre
of Cambridge Assessment

Teens and adults

Teenagers and Adults

KET, PET, First, Advanced and Proficiency
Rainbow is an official "Cambridge Assessment Exam Preparation Centre" and our goal is to provide your children with internationally validated results, guiding them every step of the way.

KET For Schools (A2)

The KET level is the transition from Young Learners to the next courses designed for young people and adults. There is more emphasis on using a variety of structures and vocabulary to interact orally and in writing.

The student learns to:
- Understand and use simple phrases and expressions.
- Introduce yourself and answer questions about your personal data. Interact with English-speaking people.
- Write simple notes and emails.

PET For Schools (B1)

PET is the bridge towards First (B2). This is the level where students really acquire a firm grammar base, therefore it is, one of the most demanding levels. B1 is an international academic and professional requirement. In Spain students who have not obtained B2 (First) at the start of university, are granted until the second year to obtain PET (B1). PET is accepted by all governmental institutions and it is also a requirement for access to diverse professions such as: Primary/Secondary school teachers, Police officers, Legal administrators etc.

The student learns to:
- Use a variety of verb tenses.
- Use specific vocabulary.
- Express opinions and ideas orally.
- Write emails and articles
- Understand the general and detailed context of opinions, feelings and attitude.

FIRST for Schools (B2)

The Common European Framework for Language Reference (CEFR) states that B2 (First) is a requirement on entry to university in European countries. (Spain requested an extension up till the year 2020, because at present the majority of Spanish students have not reached this level on the completion of secondary education). A “First” level shows that the student is ready to study or work in an English-speaking environment, where it can be a decisive factor in their success. It is essential to have acquired PET (B1) level before initiating First (B2).

The Student learns to:

- Express views, feelings and opinions effectively both orally and in writing.
- Find relevant information in texts.
- Write in a variety of formats such as: emails, letters, reviews etc. using a range of complex structures and vocabulary.


The Advanced C1 level shows that the student has a high level of English. It is accepted by institutions and universities on an International scale. It is a requirement for Erasmus and Masters, and also for applying for student visas in countries such as Australia and Ireland.

The student learns to:

- Understand a variety of texts from publications such as fiction and non-fiction, academic journals and newspapers.
- Write in a variety of formats: reports and proposals, letters and emails, reviews, articles ... in a more formal and academic style.
- Understand a range of oral materials and communicate in a real context with other candidates to express, discuss opinions and suggest ideas.


This is the highest MCER level. It shows that the student has the academic and linguistic skills that universities are looking for and that they can communicate fluently at an almost native level.

Preparation exclusively for the PAU University Access Exam. With authentic exam materials and exam technique practice.

English for "Selectivitat"

Preparation exclusively for the PAU University Access Exam. With authentic exam materials and exam technique practice.

Adult courses

Adult courses are designed to be dynamic, enjoyable and very communicative. Based on “English for Life” the objective is to prepare the student to face everyday situations in both social and professional fields. As an official Cambridge Assessment Preparation Centre, all our courses have access to official validation.

Beginners (A1)
This is where it all starts with the opportunity to study authentic English from the base and to progress taking firm steps.
Elementary (A2)
The second stage, for students who have previously studied one or two courses of English. The goal is to strengthen the language base and to build student confidence, leading to authentic communication.
Pre-Intermediate (B1)
This course is designed for students who have already studied two or three courses of English and who would like to continue to extend their grammar and vocabulary base and improve both their oral and written communication skills.
Intermediate / Upper-intermediate (B2)
Both these levels are language enhancement courses, equivalent to First B2 level, with the option to prepare for the official exam. Designed to give students the fluency and naturalness necessary for effective communication.

We also offer Advanced and Proficiency courses, both in groups or one to one classes

English for Business

Does the level of communication in English in your company really meet up to international standards? Are you worried or even scared about facing meetings, phone calls or sending emails? Do you feel your level of English is very limited?

Telephoning Workshop Pre-Intermediate

Telephoning Workshop Intermediate

Presentations Workshop Pre-Intermediate

Presentations Workshop Intermediate

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