The Rainbow Model

Students are at the heart of learning at Rainbow. Through authentic, commmunicative input our objective is to provide our students with a voice as citizens of the global world. Our native,qualified teachers not only transmit cultural references but create learning experiences through; projects, presentations, games, activities, igniting student motivation.

As active learners students are introduced to the vocabulary and structures essential for the correct use of the English language and access to the official Cambridge Assessment exams as proof of their efficiency.

100% Pass rate

We will refund your money if you don’t pass the exam*
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We are

an Official Cambridge Assessment Preparation Centre


If parents and their children dedicate time and money, there must be validated results in return!

"Success is a journey not a destination"

Effective Teaching = Results – How do we achieve this?


Without motivation there is nothing... So how do we keep our students motivated and achieving?
Take a look…


Designed to be dynamic and motivating: Cooking fun!, Crafts, Games.

Projects and presentations

All our courses are designed to include "English for Life" where the objective is to prepare our students not only for everyday situations in English but also for the professional world. With increasing globalization it is essential to acquire the necessary skills for oral presentations.


At Rainbow students from all levels can take part in competitions every term, both on an internal level here at the academy and even on an international level!


We have our own currency at Rainbow, the Rainpound. Teachers award Rainpounds to their Young Learner students for Making a hard effort, good behaviour and collaboration in class. At the end of every term we open our "Tuck Shop" where students can spend their well-earned Rainpounds.

Our Culture

Our team of native teachers aim to totally immerse students in our culture and just love celebrating all our traditional Anglo-Saxon festivals with them. Here are just a few: Halloween, St Valentine’s Day, Xmas, Easter.

We are an "Official Cambridge Assessment Exam Preparation Centre"

The exams are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (MECR), the international standard that describes language skills.
Critical thinking

Encourage critical thinking: Through authentic materials, projects and presentations.

Exam preparation / Results

Students’ progress is monitored through mock exams and after, the learning process continues through constructive feedback. Students are not submitted for the exam until they have shown and feel that they are fully prepared.

Results 2016-2017

Results 2017-2018

Results 2018-2019

Results 2019-20

Results 2020-21

Pretesting Centre

It is a pleasure to inform you that The Rainbow Study Centre been selected as an Official Pretesting Centre for Cambridge Examinations. This honor is granted to very few language schools around the world.

This means we collaborate with Cambridge in the development and production of their exams.

Our students will be able to practise real Cambridge examinations and recieve information about their development about and progress, in order to help them prepare and understand the different Cambridge levels.


Study techniques for each part of the exam.  (Special adaptations for students with Dyslexia and ADHD 10-15% of student population).


We carry out an exhaustive follow-up of the student's performance with quarterly reports, which also reflect behaviour, collaboration and participation within the group.

Personalised attention (Tutorials)

Reduced groups 8-9 students per class. During the course parents are invited to tutorials to discuss their child’s progress.

Rainbow: An International Award winning Academy

Our courses

Rainbow is an official "Cambridge Assessment Exam Preparation Centre" and our goal is to provide your children with internationally validated results, starting with Young Learners up to First and why not beyond …. To Advanced and Proficiency? Guiding them every step of the way.

The Young Learners courses are designed to be motivating with activities to develop the skills that the student needs to communicate with confidence, and to be successful in learning English.

At Rainbow we work to give your children an accredited and internationally renowned training for Cambridge Assessment.

Does the level of communication in English really meet up to international standards in your company? Are you worried or even scared about facing meetings, phone calls or sending emails? Do you feel your level of English is very limited?

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Opening Hours (10.00 to 13.00 / 16.00 to 20.00)

The Rainbow Team

Our team of native teachers are selected not only for their wide range of teaching skills and experience but also for their vocation and dedication to working with people of all ages, particularly children and teenagers.

Nuri Chan Fernández

Teacher/Examiner/Trainer and Consultant - Director/Owner of Rainbow Study and English for Business Company Classes - Nationality: British, London
33 years experience teaching Cambridge English and Business English to all ages. Education: Journalism: University of the Arts London (UAL). Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certified.

Teresa Ratcliffe

Qualified Cambridge Speaking Examiner - Nationality: British, Lincoln
35 years English Teaching Experience. CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language). English in Early Childhood (British Council), Teaching Business English (International House), Introduction to Translation (International House).

Roy Thompson

Nationality: British, Kent
29 years English Teaching Experience. TEFL (Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language). Business Spanish Certificate, Royal Society of Arts. Post Graduate Advanced Certificate Enviromental Sciences. University of London.

Craig Young

Nationality: British, Glasgow
15 years Teaching Experience. Doctorate in Electrical Engineering. Masters in Business. Degree in Physics, University of Glasgow.