It's time to learn English with a course adapted to the digital world

Dear Student,
We are a group of British teachers specialised in the preparation of The Cambridge Exams (KET, PET, FIRST, ADVANCED and PROFICIENCY ). We would like to open our classrooms through live Streaming online so that you too can validate your level of English with an official, internationally recognised diploma. We have a 100% pass rate and offer a money-back guarantee for all the students we submit to the exams.

We are well aware of the difficulties and lack of support that university students are facing, especially now, when the Spanish government has expressed its inability to comply with the European Mandate for the minimum requirement of B2 (First) in English. This is cause for grave concern, given the current high level of unemployment among youngsters and the objectives and expectations of many students to study a degree or an Erasmus abroad.

Unistream aims to bridge the gap between Spain and the rest of Europe, providing university students with the unique opportunity to enroll on a course with specific preparation for the official Cambridge exams B1,(PET) B2 (First), C1 (Advanced) and C2 (Proficiency) with a money-back guarantee, plus the chance to finance your learning at the same time!

Check out your level of English now!

The fourth industrial revolution has arrived


In this rapidly changing world, we are preparing new generations of students for jobs that do not yet exist. That is why we cannot lose sight of the current data.

Spain is ranked 24th in the queue of the 32 European countries in the English level ranking, surpassed only by Portugal, Italy and Greece (English Proficiency Index). The Adecco Foundation, in its 2020 Guide dedicated to the 20 competencies against labor exclusion, points out that in Spain we still have the highest unemployment rates in all of Europe. He also points out that the skills most in demand by companies are English and digital skills.

Fonts: English Proficiency Index (Google)

It is time to embrace pandemic-accelerated change and improvement


At Rainbow our obligation is to prepare the new generation of students, equipping them with the skills they need to be more resilient and competitive in a changing job market.

We have created new courses adapted to the present and the future with the same highly qualified British teachers and also with the same guarantees as the official Cambridge Assessment exams. Our system of using a multitude of digital tools and resources for teachers and students provides us with classes that turn out to be a personalized and highly interactive experience.

Streaming: Live broadcast


All of our classrooms are equipped with streaming cameras and screens for live class streaming. So students are always face to face with their teacher and have the vision of face-to-face classmates and those who are online in real time. Streaming classes are also part of our Covid plan for face-to-face students, who, in case of contact or infection, must be confined.

Custom Support


Since the beginning of the pandemic in Rainbow all our students have continued their training without interruption.

To help with the transition to the new way of studying, we have a real-time technical support service in the classroom. This allows us to not only monitor your children’s attendance but also ensure the best use of classes and help with any questions about how to use digital tools.

For this course 2020-21 we present the classes in two formats:

  • Streaming: from home with live online class transmission.
  • Face-to-face: at the academy in Matadepera. (In case of confinement the classes go online).